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Custom Safes built to suit your needs!

Custom manufactured to suit Business and Residential Security, we offer a range of Safes and Safe



  • Above Ground
  • Home Protector
  • Wall Safe
  • Drug Safes
  • Inground Safes
  • Safes for Data Protection
  • Fireproof Safes.

Quality & Compliance Guaranteed

Through our affiliates Australia wide we can provide you a Safe of the highest Technical standard and still be competitive on price. Check out our Finance options to help you buy that quality safe. All our safes are Insurance Rated. Our Drug Safes comply with all Health Dept. specifications.

Ozsafe customers include celebrities, sports stars and leading Security Industry providers. Our Top 8 Safes represent a synthesis of Home security and Commercial Security needs in a neat package of quality, style and rugged construction conforming to all Australian conditions.

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